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Cabinet of Curiosities collection

Fashion designer Bianca Beltramello launches her Fall/Winter 2019-20 collection “Cabinet of Curiosities”,
inspired by wunderkammers, rooms where collectors preserve their personal selection of rarities and
curiosities. Similarly, a selection of artworks and special objects makes up fabric patterns and prints,
created by the designer.
Georgian Lover’s Eyes, exotic animal bones, ancient wood prosthetics, glass bells and specimens embellish
classical silhouettes, together with glass creations by American sculptor Andy Paiko.

The sublimation printing technique used for fabric gives patterns a photographic quality, obtaining vivid
and colorful images. The resulting printed fabric is soft and light, wash-resistant and comfortable.

A passion for uniqueness dictated the creation of statement clothing which doesn’t fit in defined categories. Nothing is trivial or impersonal,
but every outfit expresses a strong creative identity.
Starting from a baroque, historical taste, through digital manipulation and avant-garde silhouette study, the
Cabinet of Curiosities collection portrays a dark dandy image in a contemporary, maximalist perspective.
The mission is to dress a self-aware man who doesn’t settle for stereotypes, but wants to amaze and be
amazed by a well-defined, bold style.