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Ex corpore

Charcoal, pencil, digital manipulation; 2018

An excursus into the most intimate and powerful area of ​​Catholic mysticism. We can thus define the work “Ex Corpore”, a painting that draws its inspiration from religious ecstasy and, even more so, from the involvement of body and spirit during transverberation. An eternal moment, brief but infinite, in which God is reached as universal Love, as the beginning and end of everything, of ourselves, of our materiality and spirituality.

The artist intends precisely to photograph that moment, to immortalize it or make it immortal, even in the transience of the world. The Wound of Love, as transverberation at the highest level is called, is literally interpreted as a laceration of the flesh, just as Saint Teresa of Avila describes it. No blood comes out of the wound, but our interiority, our self that becomes the world, in a universality surrounded by the love of God.

In the end, this is the message that the artist sends us from his ‘Ex Corpore’: God is love, “Love that moves the sun and the other stars”, “… spiritual union of the soul and the thing loved “, Of the soul with God and of God with his sons.