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Visible Essential capsule collection

Visible Essential recalls a famous quote from the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which states that the essential is invisible to the eyes. 

In this case, the essential is made up of ideas and emotions conveyed by art, which become visible, tangible in fashion, embodying and revealing the concept that fashion itself is an applied art form. 

In this collection the artworks of Bianca Beltramello as visual artist are applied to fashion, becoming  textile prints.

Through its mood, the colletion reflects the same artistic imagery, dominated by gold, black and white. 

The same type of delicate and sensual man who is represented in paintings becomes the one who wears them, transformed into prints. 

Just as in the original artworks traditional painting techniques are enriched with digital manipulations, in the same way the digital printing technique communicates with tailoring in the collection garments.

While painted artworks are subsequently scanned and digitally manipulated, printed fabric undergoes the reverse process, from digital manipulation to textile manufacture.